Since the start of 2020, many of us have become more aware of the ongoing semiconductor shortage that is causing a number of different industries to struggle most with meeting the growing demand for new electronic goods – many of our favourite activities rely on these electronics whether it be mobile betting at with recently passed regulation, or even enjoying simple features of our cars like air conditioning. The fact of the matter is that these micro-brains are absolutely everywhere, and has impacted more than just a few units here and there, but who have been the most affected by the lack of semiconductors, and how will it impact the larger tech space?

The automotive industry could face huge losses – One of the hardest hit has certainly been within our automobiles as suggestions fear up to $110 billion in revenue could be lost in 2021 alone, a typical vehicle relies on up to 1,400 chips today and even more so for electric vehicles – our cars focus more on electronics day after day and the lack of chips available certainly halts the production line for some of even the biggest brands such as Ford anticipating losing 1.1 million planned units, but those hardest hit have been within the electric vehicle manufacture market. Tesla for example already struggles to meet demands on new orders, and this shortage will only exacerbate the problems being found – the Ford CEO Jim Farley even went on to say that the impact could extend in to 2022, particularly as other factors have added to the woes caused by the pandemic.


Consumer gaming has been hit hard too – Many fans were excited this past holiday season with the releases of the newest gaming consoles from both Microsoft and Sony, but it immediately became apparent there may be difficulties in obtaining a console for yourself as stocks ran dry very early on – it was soon announced that there would be issues with meeting demand given the ongoing shortage for semiconductors, with even recent announcements stating similar to the automotive industry as it seems the PS5 could have ongoing supply issues until some point in 2022 despite best efforts to get as many consoles out on to the market as possible. Others have also weighed in as Nintendo have stated very similar with their popular console of the Switch, already many found it difficult to purchase one as perhaps the most popular console in the world, but it may now be even more difficult.

Others have had their fair share of problems to overcome too, Apple had to push back the release of the iPhone 12 and it’s yet unknown if the new iPad could run in to supply issues too, but it certainly has bee a tough issue to cope with – demand is only increasing, and whilst hopes are that supply can meet it soon, it could be some time yet.

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