The World Pauses for the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II


Many of us were deeply moved by the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death at the age of 96 after her 70-year reign. We are left to reflect on Her regal role, her personal highs and her role in saving the monarchy from a grief-stricken populace. We also remember her quiet strength and her ability to adapt to a changing world.

Her Majesty’s role in saving the monarchy from a grief-maddened populace

Queen Elizabeth II is revered around the world. As the longest-reigning monarch in history, she represents stability and order. But now the kingdom is in a state of disarray, and many of her subjects seem to be refusing to accept the inevitable end to her reign. Despite the growing public angst, the palace has a plan to prepare for the reign of her son, Charles, who will be named King Charles III.

Her role in adjusting to a changing world

In her career, Queen Elizabeth II has been an active diplomat, visiting many former British colonies. Her visits have been a significant symbol of British identity, as she has been a role model and a symbol of the British family of nations. She has also stressed the importance of unity among former colonies, a theme that appealed to the youth of the British family of nations.

Her personal lows

Elizabeth II’s personal lows after 70 Years on the Throne were numerous. She lost most of her colonies after World War II, and she suffered the death of her daughter in law, Princess Diana, and a sex scandal involving her son, Prince Andrew (with the ramifications of it continuing to this day). Nevertheless, despite her personal lows, Elizabeth’s reign was notable for her extraordinary work and efforts that earned her admiration and affection from citizens across the United Kingdom.

Her long reign

Queen Elizabeth II has passed away at the age of 96, ending her seventy-year reign as monarch. She achievement passed her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years, seven months, and two days. This makes her the longest-reigning monarch in history, and the oldest head of state in the world. In fact, only two monarchs have ever reigned longer than Elizabeth II.

Her relationship with Prince Philip

The Queen’s relationship with Prince Philip was portrayed in the Netflix series “The Crown”. The show shows the early seasons of the couple’s relationship and shows the power dynamics at play within the royal family. Philip is credited with modernizing the monarchy and accepting his role as a subordinate. In his long life, he is credited with giving over 5,000 speeches and carrying out more than three thousand solo engagements.The passing of Prince Philip, which happened just last year in April, certainly impacted Queen Elizabeth.

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