Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Wheelchair Ramp




Wheelchair ramps are available in a wide range of designs with various materials and models just as diverse as the people who buy them. Unlike the times before, thanks to the wheelchair ramp you can now get full accessibility of your home. However, finding the right portable ramp is not an easy task, there are several things that you need to consider. Don’t worry, though, we have got your back. We will supply all of the relevant data to make your selection way easier.


Consider The Things Before You Buy A Wheelchair Ramp!


Have a look at the key measurements that you need to take and some most important things to bear in mind while you make a purchase of a wheelchair ramp for your house.


  1. Who will be the ramp’s primary user?


The first and foremost point that needs to be considered while picking a portable ramp is the user. A person’s size and weight should be taken into consideration as well as their level of mobility. A healthy primary and fairly active user must make a purchase of a lightweight and more versatile ramp, while heavier or more elderly users might require a stronger ramp in addition to handrails and additional traction pads.


  1. What kind of time period will the ramp be needed for?


During selecting a ramp for your needs, the time period you need the ramp for is an important factor to take into consideration i.e you’re in temporary recovery or you’ve been using a wheelchair since birth. For a ramp to last long choose a permanent one, while for the usage of a month or two, a portable ramp or threshold ramp might be preferable.


  1. How portable does it need to be?


If you are looking for a wheelchair ramp that stays in one place to solve one particular problem or one that you can take everywhere to solve numerous ones, you must know properly about its needs. To remove the need to climb up steps to get into the front door of your home, you need a wheelchair ramp that is durable, strong, and useful in all weathers.


However, if you’re looking for a wheelchair access ramp that you can place into the boot of your car to make travelling, shopping easier then you must consider the weight and size of the ramps and how easy it is to fold. Considering how portable your wheelchair access ramp needs to be would be a great suggestion on this purchasing journey.


  1. Material and price of your portable ramps


The material and durability highly affect the price of the wheelchair ramps. Higher the quality of material, the higher the price sounds. But if you want to make a great choice of the ramp at steep prices, a carbon fibre wheelchair ramp is the one.


The budget plays a vital role in the type of ramp chosen. The terms of material used such as concrete, and fibreglass are way more expensive than aluminium. Moreover, the length and the size of the ramp determine its final price.




Portable wheelchair ramps, whether used to smooth floor transitions in your home or winding outdoor ramps that are part of your home, are of great comfort to users of wheelchairs or other mobility devices. But in this type of case, it’s suitable to say that “One size doesn’t fit all” so you must use a customized ramp to meet your all specific requirements. Moreover, the location, user, and type of device used on a ramp make a great difference in the choice of the ramps, so it’s important to consider all the variables carefully to make a better choice.


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