Ukraine’s President Fears Russia Will Destroy Nuclear Power Plant


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has voiced his concerns over Russia’s alleged plans to destroy the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant amidst the ongoing war between the two countries. In an interview aired on ABC’s “This Week,” Zelenskyy stated that there is a possibility of Russia orchestrating a localized explosion to impede Ukrainian operations on the battlefield.

Zelenskyy suggested that if Russia continues to lose ground in the conflict, they may resort to drastic measures to instill fear of a global nuclear disaster and force a halt to military actions. Addressing the issue, Zelenskyy stated, “If they perceive a further loss of initiative, they might take additional steps to make the world fear a catastrophic nuclear event and consequently cease all military operations.”

In response, Russia’s Foreign Ministry accused Kyiv of causing deliberate damage to the Zaporizhzhia plant and cautioned about the potential consequences of a catastrophe at the facility. However, Zelenskyy assured that Ukraine is prepared to handle any potential disaster.

When asked about the return of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Group, who previously attempted an uprising against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s authority, Zelenskyy expressed little concern. Describing Prigozhin as a political figure, Zelenskyy believed that his primary objective was to gain political influence.

Regarding the possibility of Prigozhin resuming command of the Wagner Group or reintroducing fighters to the conflict, Zelenskyy remained unfazed, pointing out that these soldiers have thus far been unable to defeat Ukraine’s forces.

Ahead of a NATO summit focused partly on the ongoing war, Zelenskyy reaffirmed Ukraine’s stance of not yielding any territory, including Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014, as a means to end the conflict.

Zelenskyy also commented on former President Donald Trump’s assertion that he could resolve the war within a day. Zelenskyy deemed it unrealistic, given Trump’s lack of action during his presidency to address the Russia-Ukraine dispute. Zelenskyy emphasized the importance of realistic approaches based on practical experience.

Expressing his hopes for Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive, Zelenskyy stressed the urgency to accelerate progress to minimize further losses suffered by the Ukrainian people.



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