Want To Know the Secret to Winning Carrom Games? Learn These Carrom Tricks


Carrom is an interesting indoor game which is played by everyone at least in their childhood whether with friends or family. It is a popular game played by everyone all around the world. And now it is available in the virtual world. Gaming platforms have created a virtual model of carrom, which is quite interesting and the users are loving it. To play this game, you should have great precision and concentration so that you can make efficient use of the sticker. Also, when you have the knowledge of different carrom tricks, you will be able to play in a much more effective way.

Tricks to win carrom games

Carrom needs carrom tricks so that you can win the games easily. By learning tricks, you can make the impression of being a pro player of the carrom. You must have played offline carrom so you have an idea of online carrom games. And if you are interested in carrom games, then you can follow these below-given tricks.

  • Cut shot

If you have seen the board of the carrom, it is equally divided on both sides. If you want to pocket a puck from that particular position, then you have to learn the shot. And that’s where you need a cut shot trick. You just have to flick the stickers and it should hit the side of the puck in the exact center and it will fit in the pockets that will be just opposite to the strikers.

It is a handy shot more than just pocketing the centerline but you will figure it out only after practicing and with some little experience.

  • Cut and take

It is one of the carrom tricks which will differentiate you from all your opponents. A cut shot is useful in different positions but you have to practice to know it better. The same is with cuts and tricks. In cut and take shot, it directly hits the carrom puck in different directions and stickers come to another carrom player. You can cut the cover in the direction of the poker and pocket the queen by using this trick. This trick is cool and easy.

  • Second hit

If you want to avoid obstacles you can use this trick. There are two tricks for this, one is to take another puck and the second is to use a second hit. It obstructs the pocket of the carrom players you are originally looking to dunk. But this trick only works to obstruct the carrom playing. To make this trick work, you have to be good at shooting or aiming g skills. 

  • Board shot

It is one of the favorite carrom tricks of the pro carrom players. It needs more precision and accuracy to use this move and to master this move thus, you should not use this move until and unless you are sure about this. If this trick will go wrong, your whole game will be wasted and you are just wasting your trunk

If you want to use this shot, you have to strike the striker in a way that the striker hits three different sides of the carrom board and it should come back to packers a puck in your side pocket.

  • Thumb shot

There are many chances that you might hurt your finger when you play carrom for long hours. So, if you are looking for an alternative shot, then you can use this thumb shot. This is one of the most recommended alternative shots. In this shot, all you have to do is to form a circle with your thumb and index finger and then strike with your thumb. This is strong if you play precisely. You should master this shot as it will act as a savior in your bad times as there is no rule that you can only use only one finger.

  • Alley-oop

Usually, this term is associated with basketball. It is a situation when the dribbler passes the ball to a leaping teammate to dunk the ball before the basket. But this term is also used in carrom. In a team, everyone has one advantage: playing simple and still winning.


Carrom is one of the games that require a lot of practice and concentration and you need to have many carrom tricks with you. The right shots played with concentration and focus can help you in winning. In the virtual world, GetMega is one of the only gaming platforms that provide different varieties of games. Card games, casual games and trivia games. Card games include Poker and Rummy, Casual games include carrom and you can win lots of attractive prizes and also cash rewards. Most people use their skills and knowledge to win real money and other attractive prizes such as gold coins, silver coins, mobile phones and many other things. So, you can consider the GetMega app to play carrom.

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