There aren’t many people with perfectly balanced self-esteem because having confidence in yourself is not a simple trick. It takes time and patience to develop a healthy impression of yourself despite the notion that, in an ideal world, we’d all be born automatically well-adjusted. Poor self-esteem can have a severely negative impact on your ability to live a happy and productive life, which is why it’s so important to notice when it’s affecting you. Read on for a handful of tips to help boost your self-esteem and free yourself from the discomfort of insecurities.


Identify What Makes You Feel Low


Low self-esteem can have many different roots. Some people are insecure about their appearance, their intelligence, their sense of humor. Everyone is different, and there is no single cure for low self-esteem that applies to every situation. It’s up to you to think about scenarios or triggers that spark feelings of low self-worth. It helps to write these down. Be specific and don’t be ashamed – nobody needs to read what you write, it’s just important to be honest with yourself. This will make it easier to disrupt the negative patterns your mind keeps following, leading to unhappiness.


Make Discipline a Habit


As mentioned already, low self-esteem is an unhelpful thinking habit that many people succumb to. The most worthwhile method of increasing self-esteem is making it more difficult for the negative thought to germinate. Be aware of instances that leave you feeling unworthy and dissect the thought processes between the triggering scenario and the final emotion. The more you analyze your thoughts, the more you’ll be able to interrupt negative patterns. Eventually, your mind will learn that it’s not worth making these harmful connections anymore.


Reward Your Progress

While the brain is good at learning through punishment, it also responds well to positive feedback. Interrupting negative patterns will help you weaken the pathways those thoughts travel down to cause unhelpful emotions, but rewarding yourself for positive thoughts and actions is just as valuable. If you have insecurities about your body, help yourself feel good about it in small, meaningful ways. Treat yourself to a massage, take a long bath, or use The Black Purple Discount Code to find some comfortable shapewear. Showing yourself kindness and rewarding positive thinking habits related to your insecurities will reinforce the fact that you deserve to feel good about yourself.


Stop Seeking External Validation

When your sources of self-esteem come from outside perspectives, you have less control over your own attitude towards yourself. External validation is flimsy and unreliable. Instead, focus on embedding the belief that you are worthy of respect inherently and regardless of what outsiders might think. If you’re having difficulties doing this, you can start by improving your appearance. This doesn’t need to be going under the knife. Changing your wardrobe, learning how to take care of your skin, and even visiting an experienced dentist in Cookeville for teeth whitening can already go a long way.


Resist the Urge to Compare


Low self-esteem can often be blamed on a tendency to compare yourself to other people. If this is a thinking trap you’ve fallen into, keep alert for moments where you notice yourself envying someone else. The differences between people are what make society rich, so learn to celebrate your individuality and the unique aspects of yourself that nobody else can offer.

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