What to Do During Quarantine Free-Time


As we all know, the recent COVID-19, or coronavirus pandemic has most of us cooped up in our homes for the time being. For a lot of people, this means being laid off of work, being out of school, or a crumbling social life. No matter which category you fall into, or even if you fall into all of these categories, it’s important to find something to do. Being able to keep yourself busy is key to keeping yourself from extreme boredom, and from losing progress you may have made. Here are some ideas of things to do that will help stay busy during our undesirable lockdown.


As aforementioned, the COVID-19 lockdown, for a lot of people, has meant a loss of work. With that said, it may seem a little bit redundant that one of the options on this list is work. But with the lockdown, have come a lot of opportunities. Many businesses have begun offering work-from-home scenarios for people, and are hiring right now! Finding a temporary online job is a great way to keep yourself busy, while making money. Another good way you can make money and stay busy during quarantine, is by taking surveys, or participating in online studies. These are also widespread, and there are a lot of great ones out there if you look hard enough!


Doing some online schooling is another great way to help get your mind off of the boredom that is considered to be your life, and learn some new things! This is a great time to take some classes that you may have been interested in learning about from the past. This could be art, music, nursing, coding, or really whatever your heart desires. At this point in time, there’s pretty much an online program for any degree you may be wanting to pursue.

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