What To Know About Dumpster Rentals

Getting a good dumpster rental can be easy as long as you are in a good location, but the harder part is understanding the nuanced behind how the process works. If you have never really rented anything before or just do not know what to expect, the rules and restrictions can seem scary.

Here are some of the specific details that you will want to know about before you rent any dumpsters or get a skip hire.

Weight Limits

Some dumpster rental companies will have limits on the total weight that can be placed in their dumpsters. This is usually a very high limit, but it is there to make sure that the trucks can still collect the container when the rental period is up: too much weight makes them really hard to lift.

These weight limits might not matter to the average user, but they can become a problem during larger-scale building work where a lot of heavy materials are involved. For example, construction and demolition that leave behind a lot of dense scrap metal can make this a possible problem.

Capacity Limits

Much more common are the capacity limits, which relate to how full the dumpster is. Construction, renovation, and almost every other kind of work can result in a lot of debris, often far more than you might have been expecting. This, naturally, means that more room is taken up in the dumpster.

As a general rule of thumb, you are not allowed to over-fill a dumpster to the point that anything is spilling over the side or when there is an obvious bulge at the top surface. If a dumpster is almost overflowing, then it becomes much harder to move and can also be a safety hazard.

On top of that, this makes it more difficult for the waste management company to process the contents since the container has been filled up far more than normal. 

Material Restrictions

A lot of waste disposal sites have strict limits on which materials can be dumped where, and that sometimes means that you can’t mix two different materials in a dumpster that needs to be sent there. Unless the company is going to sort it out themselves, you will have to follow these rules.

This can be simple things, like not dumping containers that still have liquid in them, or more complex ones, like taking apart all furniture and leaving nothing whole when you dump it. There can also be limits on how biological and treated woods are combined or mixed and disposed of.

Rental Period Limits

If you go over your rental period, then you will usually have to pay more each extra day that you keep the dumpster. This can still be a good thing if the dumpster itself was cheap: getting affordable dumpsters in Churchville can allow you to afford a few extra emergency days, for example.

However, you need to keep this in mind regardless of what you rent since the cost can quickly add up. In extreme cases, it is cheaper to simply rent a second dumpster instead of paying for each extra day.

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