Why a Continuous Motion Assembly System is Right For Your Business and How to Maintain It


The recent technology has changed many things including how various businesses operate. Pushing many companies to come up with an idea of shifting from machines that operate using intermittent motion to continuous motion machines. Because the continuous system is more efficient in terms of output rate and quality of the products. Such industries as medical equipments manufacturers needs a perfect system responsible for creating check valves, IV-set components, cannulae, filters and syringes.

Using a continuous motion assembly machine ensures a smooth and speedy production as multiple processes takes place at the same time without interruption. The process of how components are transferred in a continuous motion and the passage along it, is smooth, hence protecting assemblies and fragile parts against damage. So if you want mass production for your business, then you should consider investing in a continuous motion machine.

Continuous motion machines, as well as special purpose machines portrays a high degree of accuracy. It’s because parts alignment is maintained properly hence no lose of contact between the individual component and the machine. As a result, device specifications and needs are met consistently without failure. This also allows manufacturers to maximize their production capabilities by engineering a continuous motion system into an existing system hence increasing the speed of operations, reducing the operation cost and also improving the quality of the products.

Considering the complex task performed by these machines, they require minimal maintenance to avoid much interruptions. But this doesn’t mean they don’t need maintenance. All machines are bound to break or slow down with extended use. Therefore, continuous motion machines are also prone to failure if not well maintained. So to ensure smooth running of your business over the long run, embrace routine check ups to ensure small problems are fixed early. Also , ensure the moving parts of your machine are oiled regularly, electrical connections are reinforced and bolts are tightened. Also, educate your employees on how to effectively work with the machine to avoid misuse or overworking it.

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