Will Joe Biden Run for Reelection in 2024?


Will Joe Biden Run For Re-election in 2024? The question is on many people’s minds. After all, he ran for office in the first place to oppose Donald Trump, and he has since said publicly that he will run for re-election, if circumstances permit. This would mean a more demanding schedule. In addition, the 2020 campaign was largely conducted remotely because of the covid-19 pandemic. That is changing rapidly as Americans have made peace with the disease and expect to see more of their candidates.  All this will be all the more demanding on Biden.

If Joe Biden does run for re-election, his age will be a major issue. Maybe the biggest. If he wins, the President will be 82 years old when he takes office in 2024. With high inflation and low approval ratings, many Democrats worry that Biden will not be around when the next presidential election rolls around. David Axelrod, who helped elect Barack Obama in 2008, has previously warned that Biden’s age might be a setback for his campaign in 2024.

In addition to the age factor, Biden’s job approval rating is the lowest of any first-term President in history, according to FiveThirtyEight.com, with a dismal 33 percent job approval rating, he may be the least popular president in history. His disapproval rating has fueled a whisper campaign among Democratic Party insiders, who cite the aging of Biden and (what is being described as) his declining cognitive ability as two factors preventing Biden from being considered a viable candidate for a second term.

While some are optimistic that it will be a long time before his health deteriorates, (After all, Joe Biden is a seven-day commander-in-chief, which means that he works every day) many questions about his fitness — both physical and mental — have taken a toll on his public image. A recent poll indicated that 64 percent of voters believe that Biden is too old for the job of president.

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