Five Ways To Wear A Brooch With Ease And Class


Most people tend to see brooches as outdated and a somewhat pointless or irrelevant accessory.

Yet, there are so many fun ways to wear a brooch and, if you choose the design of the brooch carefully to match what you are wearing, you can easily pull this accessory off, whether you are wearing a suit or a dress!

But brooches are seen as an odd fashion statement by many, simply because it can be hard to know where to place them, or even what each location means. Yes, there used to be a language of brooches!

So, here are some tips on how to wear a brooch, whether you are working at the office or going out for a night on the town!

1. Blazer Lapels

Most people in an office or business setting will wear blazers, making this the ideal place to wear a brooch when aiming to look smart, but casual.

It’s important to wear a brooch that isn’t too showy when it’s worn with a blazer unless it’s the only piece of jewelry you’re wearing. Hence why office brooches tend to be molded and set in a single metal, like titanium or silver. 

If you need a middle-of-the-range brooch that is classy, head over to a site like Chapter 79 and check out the collection of brooches on sale. 

2. Collars

Yes, you can wear brooches on the collar of a shirt or a coat, just make sure that it isn’t too big or heavy, as this can pull the fabric down and give clothing an asymmetrical which doesn’t work well!

Most people wearing brooches on collars aim for lighter-weight brooches, such as ones made from titanium. If you want to have something that’s a bit higher end, aim for a brooch that is lightweight, but also has a single gem set into it. 

3. Necklines

This is where you can get showy with your brooch!

Associated with the royals of the UK, wearing a brooch under the neckline of a plain shirt or dress is a striking centerpiece to the outfit. It also gives you the room to have a brooch that has chains or other dangling elements, almost acting like a necklace minus the chain.

These brooches can also be large, and as they have the support from where the fabric meets on shirts, you can opt for heavier brooches too, without causing the clothing to warp.

4. On A Hat

This trend is a bit more puzzling, as it makes the line between a brooch and a hatpin thinner. But, when wearing a brooch on your hat, aim to put it over any hatpins, so the hat itself does not appear too crowded. 

As before, a hat has more weight to it, allowing you to go for larger and more elaborate brooches, which could also act as weights to prevent the hat from blowing off!

5. Coats And Jackets

When it comes to wearing a brooch on a coat or jacket, you can place it on the lapel (if you have lapels) or, you can place it on the left or right breast.

Aim to ensure that the brooch is appropriate for the occasion that you are wearing it to, such as an outdoor wedding, and ensure that it’s not overly large, as this can overshadow any other jewelry you’re wearing.

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