Wood Carving Best Ideas for Spending Time Together


Wood carving and whittling are great hobbies to spend time with your family. You can carve with your significant other or teach your kids how to carve. You can also create some nice handmade gifts for everyone – that’s very valuable, especially in the times like these when you spend less time with people and any token of appreciation or attention is considered more important.

So how do you choose what to do together, is there any wood carving catalog with suggestions or maybe some advice on what you can do with kids and what you can’t?

Of course, your partner in crime, no matter how old, should know all the rules of safety in carving as well as you. Don’t forget to get a thumb guard and a safety tape for each of you and learn how to use them so your time together isn’t interrupted by any unfortunate injury.

Wood Carving best ideas

Choosing what to do together depends, first of all, on what all of you like. If someone you are carving with is inexperienced, it might be a good idea to start with what you were starting with. Or if you are both only starting to get acquainted with carving, there are a lot of topics that are loved by beginners and are easy to cover. You’ll have fun while learning how to do them and acquire a new skill together.

One of the favourite things of beginners to learn with are spoons. You can do a variety of different spoons with lots of patterns and designs. Make lovespoons together with your significant other or your kids as a demonstration of love and affection. They are easy to carve and look beautiful so you won’t feel as a total beginner.

You can also do some gnomes. Create your own fantasy forest with those little guys! They are quite simple to make and there are a lot of variations as well. You can get more detailed with them when you get more skillful and enjoy getting those little faces more emotional and thorough.

Small wood carving projects

Small projects might be exactly what you need to get started in whittling or carving. One of the great ideas for small whittling projects are animals. A great variety of patterns and animals to carve can be found on the Internet, don’t hesitate to look! You may get inspired by already carved projects that can teach you.

It’s also likely that you’ll find a nice figurine to try out carving yourself, without any support in terms of patterns or tutorials. That might be a not successful try but if you don’t let it get you down – it will only make you want to work harder. So encourage yourself and the people you are carving with and you will go from strength to strength together!

You can also create some celtic patterns or wood signs for your house, for example. Those are quite stylish elements of the decor, especially if you do them yourself. Why not accessorize your home together with someone you love and have fun while doing it? Create a lovely cozy atmosphere by warming it up with a little rustic but very homey decorations.


Simple wood carvings

If you are really uncertain on where to start or how to begin carving with someone, you can get beginner sets for each other. That way you’ll get nice patterns, wooden blocks prepared for carving, whittling tools and more things. Sometimes they include compounds for polishing your tools and sometimes they add safety tapes, that depends on the kits that you get.

My suggestion would be to look at a beginner set of BeaverCraft manufacturing, for example. They’ve got everything you need in a set to begin with and get the job done and they also have a lot of different tutorials and tips for their community in social media. So it might be useful for you if you are looking for guidance and inspiration.

Enjoy the time with your family even in lockdown with having something to do together and make your relationships stronger. Joint hobbies are a great way to get closer to someone so don’t miss out on a chance to find one!

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