5 IT Services to Boost your Business


We are certainly living in a digital world and for small businesses, IT services are essential, as they strive to make the best use of available tech. This demand has spawned the managed IT services provider, who has a diverse range of IT solutions to offer small-medium businesses; here are a few of the popular services offered by the IT support company.

  1. Cloud migration – You might think it’s fine to store all your business data on the workstation hard drives, but there are many benefits to migrating to the cloud. You can access from any location using any digital device and with a permissions hierarchy, you control who has access to what. There isn’t a lot of hardware to install in your office; a few wireless routers and you are good to go, plus you have 24/7 support from your IT service partner. Storing all business data on a secure remote server frees up all your IT hardware and that boosts productivity.
  2. VoIP communication – Forget cellphones, the provider charges by the minute and even using their special packages, you are paying a lot for your business communication. Voice over Internet Protocol compresses audio and video data and sends it via the Internet and having real-time video on demand is a powerful business tool; you can arrange video conferences with potential clients and your sales team can meet in a virtual environment on a daily basis. Say goodbye to those sky-high cell call bills, as from now on, your business communication is online.
  3. Cyber-Security – Hackers spend hours trawling the web, looking for easy pickings and thinking what would happen if all your customers’ financial details were stolen! This can and does happen, but you won’t hear about it, only the large breaches; hooking up with a company that provides managed IT services in the Tampa area will protect your business data. If the service provider thought that your network might have weaknesses, they would carry out penetration testing to see how effective the cyber-security measures are.
  4. Hardware Support – Most businesses have a wide array of IT hardware; workstation PCs, color printers, photocopiers and scanners and with a hardware support service, you can forget about even the minor issues, which will be dealt with by an IT technician. Computer hardware requires regular updates; adding extra RAM or switching to SSD and this is something your IT partner can do. Here is some good business startup advice that might prove to be useful. If a business can rely on its IT hardware, they can always deliver an efficient service and all tasks are completed according to schedule.
  5. Office 365 – Microsoft created a powerful suite of business apps that we all know and love; you can access the entire Ms Office suite for a small subscription that gives you access to many powerful tools, empowering your staff. There are stiff penalties for businesses that use pirated software and that’s the last thing any business owner needs. There are numerous business packages that are suited to a range of sectors and with industry-specific software, you can streamline your business processes. All your bookkeeping staff can create their own Excel folders to store their data and should you outsource your accounting, the 3rd party can access all the data they need; simply create a username and password.

Let’s not forget that the level of cyber-crime is on the increase and there’s an army of ethical hackers, doing what they can to provide data protection for all businesses. Penetration testing is the only way to be sure that a network is 100% secure and the managed IT services company has all the cyber-security solutions.


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