Are You Missing These 3 Bathroom Must-Haves?


There’s nothing like being able to come home and relax in your bathroom, not your bedroom or your living room, your bathroom. You can unwind and feel the hot water in your tub or your shower and relax after a long day’s work.

However, sometimes your bathroom can feel less than serene because it’s not up to par aesthetically or functionally. This may be a detriment to your peace-of-mind as well as your home value.

If this is your bathroom, and you want to make it better for you and your future sale value of your home, here are five bathroom must-haves to consider for your favorite room in the house.


When in a bathroom, the first thing you and anyone else will see is the decor. But if the decor isn’t good, then that can change the entire feel of the space.

Choose decor (i.e., modern, rustic, coastal, etc.) that will flow with your house nicely, and adjust the rest accordingly. Add new cabinets, sinks, and other bathroom features to begin setting the tone for your new and improved safe-space bathroom.

Maybe even heated floors would do the trick of making it feel more comfortable.


Amenities go hand-in-hand with the decor of your new look bathroom. Nobody wants to take a shower with an old, rusted shower head, nor do they want to have a long soak in a dingy looking bathtub.

What you want is a new and modern looking showerhead to complement your new tiled shower room and/or tub.

Of course, this depends on preference and what can physically but put into your new bathroom, but whatever is the best for you, make it happen.

Don’t forget to stock the new cabinets with readily available medications and other toiletries. You should also check out this thermometer as well to stock in your bathroom. You can never be too prepared.


If decor and amenities are one thing, you need to devote time to the overall ambiance of your bathroom as well.

This can be done by adding things like soft-scented candles that can set a relaxing mood, built-in speakers, or even just a portable speaker to listen to music while you handle your business can set the tone for your new-look bathroom.

Ambiance can often be neglected because a bathroom is not a living room or bedroom. But many people feel that this area of the house can be just as important to set the mood of the home as other areas.

Don’t forget your bathroom.

The Bathroom Must-Haves

When lounging in your bathroom after a long day, you deserve to have peace-of-mind. You shouldn’t have to feel worried about how your bathroom looks unkempt or old. Spruce it up with these bathroom must-haves.

These will keep your bathroom looking fresh, new, and, most importantly, safe, and comforting. Make sure your bathroom makes you feel comfortable. Your comfort zone should be comfortable.

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