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The question has arisen: Does the NewsNation Network Have a Conservative Bias? Nexstar, the parent company of NewsNation, said it will be impartial and objective in its coverage of current events. The network’s conservative bias has been a source of criticism for many viewers, including former NewsNation executives. But Nexstar’s CEO, David Nemeroff, has denied any bias.

This criticism is based on the fact that the NewsNation network is primarily comprised of conservative media. This conservative bias is reflected in its station lineup. The network has members from conservative advocacy groups such as Heritage Action. The network is also a part of WGN America, which has a center-right reputation.

The news network, formerly known as WGN America, has recently expanded its primetime lineup and has recruited Ashley Banfield, a veteran Dallas-Fort Worth reporter. However, the controversy has been unavoidable, with several top executives leaving the company. Nexstar’s NewsNation network is at a critical juncture. It has put a great deal of pressure on itself by arguing it must offer viewers a unique, unbiased content to maintain its position in the market.

While the content is unquestionably fact-based, the news organization is still under scrutiny for a conservative bias. In January 2021, NewsNation received a neutral or reliable rating from Ad Fontes Media. Although the network hasn’t made a conscious decision to promote itself, it has hired two former Fox News executives who had criticized the network’s left-wing bias.  This is being interpreted by many as throwing in the towel when it comes to its “unbiased” stance.

The network has been on the air for more than 20 years as WGN. Launched as an alternative to major cable news networks, the network quickly gained popularity by adding celebrity-centric shows and news personalities. Currently, NewsNation features several TV personalities, including Ashleigh Banfield, Leland Vittert, and Dan Abrams. The network also offers Deadline Breaking News Alerts and Deadline News Alerts.

Nexstar has faced questions over its conservative newscasts, which have received controversy. Some viewers have questioned the news organization’s intentions to present news from a conservative perspective. Despite these concerns, NewsNation’s prime time host Dan Abrams has consistently stated that the goal of the network is to present “diverse viewpoints.”

Under the NewsNation brand, the network  includes a nightly live show hosted by Dan Abrams and a morning news block anchored by Adrienne Bankert. The news channel’s programming is aimed at addressing complex issues without (according to the network) “taking sides.”.

The rebranding of NewsNation’s evening news show has led to questions about its conservative bias. Nexstar is also putting its own spin on the brand, renaming it WGN America to reflect the channel’s new name. While the network does not seem to be swayed by any one group, it does have an ideological bias. The network also employs former WGN-TV Chicago information director Jennifer Lyons, as well as Sean Compton, who had no news experience. He also has talked often about being friends with Donald Trump. Before being banned from Twitter, Donald Trump stated “Good luck to Sean Compton, a winner at everything he does.”

Kevin Price, Editor at Large of The Daily Blaze and Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business, said “in the end, it is risky for any media to claim being unbiased.  That is an instant invitation for critics to prove that isn’t the case.  NewsNation would be better off not making a claim of such and continue to invite a diversity of guests.  I actually think there is a market for a right of center media outlet, which seems to be an accurate view of the network.  With the exception of the Wall Street Journal, right of center outlets virtually don’t exist, but that view represents a huge population.  NewsNation honestly positioning themselves as having such a view would likely benefit them.”

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