Interest in STEM on the Rise Among Girls


In recognition of Women’s History Month, Georgia-Pacific’s paper towel brand Brawny® is again celebrating strong and resilient females of all ages who have paved the way for future generations of girls to chase their dreams. Today it released a powerful anthem video showcasing trailblazing females throughout history whose accomplishments personify the campaign’s moniker, #StrengthHasNoGender.

But while the feats of these females and countless others have helped break barriers for other women and girls, there is still progress to be made in eliminating gender stereotypes and obstacles that exist in society today. In a recently commissioned survey by the makers of Brawny® examining kids’ and parents’ perceptions of role models, strength, heroism and professional aspirations, the results revealed conflicting attitudes that show progress and those that still align with traditional gender stereotypes, particularly when it comes to school subjects favored by girls and their occupational ambitions for the future.

The nationwide online survey by Propeller Insights on behalf of the makers of Brawny® was conducted among 2,003 children ages 6-11, along with one of their parents, from Nov. 9-Dec. 3, 2018. Key findings from the survey include:

  • Among Girls ages 6-11, three of their Top 5 favorite subjects in school were STEM related (Math, Science and Computers)
  • Girls ages 6-8 are closing the generational gap for interest in STEM subjects (5% higher in Science and 14% higher in Math) today vs. Moms’ interest when they were kids
    • Despite a growing interest among Girls in STEM subjects at the elementary school level, only one STEM occupation (Scientist) made the Top 10 of job aspirations
  • Parents most frequently identified the following jobs as better suited by gender, reinforcing consistency with professions that are gender imbalanced:
    • For Girls: Makeup Artist, Nurse, Teacher, Stay-at-Home Parent, Cheerleader
    • For Boys: Police Officer, Military, Firefighter, Mechanic, Professional Athlete
  • Kids of both genders identify male-dominated professions such as construction worker & firefighter as jobs for Boys
  • Sign of the times – YouTuber (6%) and Video Game Designer (4%) break into Top-10 of rankings of jobs that Boys covet
  • Dad was named strongest figure in Girls’ and Boys’ lives, while Mom ranked second. Girls were more likely than Boys to identify Mom as the strongest person they know (37% vs. 26%)

“Throughout its evolution over the past four years, our #StrengthHasNoGender campaign continues to celebrate female empowerment and inspire momentum toward the future of true gender equality,” said Nicole Cook, Brand Building Director, Retail Towel and Napkins at Georgia-Pacific. “This year’s survey results illustrate that while strides have been made, particularly in girls’ interest in STEM, there is more work to be done. Through the celebration of female pioneers as well as our investment in the future via our support of Girls Inc., we hope to inspire progress on this journey.”

In addition to the survey, the brand continues to fortify its multi-year partnership with the nonprofit organization, Girls Inc. and will contribute $75,000 in support of its many different programs which inspire young girls to carry out the organization’s mission of being strong, smart, and bold.

The Brawny® brand will commemorate the #StrengthHasNoGender campaign by releasing limited-edition product featuring three multigenerational women in place of The Brawny Man® on packages at retailers nationwide during Women’s History Month. Reinforcing the generational theme of this year’s campaign, the Brawny® brand has created a short anthem film to honor past female pioneers paving the way for the women of today, as well as lend support to future generations available now at

The #StrengthHasNoGender initiative is an extension of the Brawny® Stay Giant® campaign, which encourages and honors Americans who face adversity with strength and resilience. Visit for more information.

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