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Do you know by just focusing on what makes you come alive will help you see things more transparent? We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Spirituality is different from being religious because it exhibits a direct relationship with the supreme being. Unlike other theories that attach spirituality to specific dogma, spirituality personally relates to connecting your heart, mind, and soul. It is, in simple terms, an easy way to awaken your life.

Jamie Clarke explains what it means by awakening your soul as a way to believe in something bigger than humanity. But before delving into the details, Let’s have a look at Jamie Clarke Bio.

A Snippet at Jamie Clarke Biography 

Jamie Latrice Clarke was born in Atlanta and raised in Corona, California. She was the only black student in the class until his 3rd grade. His situation led her to experience a lot of racial discrimination that led her to feel alienated. Twice in her life, she contemplated committing suicide, once while in Grade 6, due to a panic attack. The second time at around 18 as a result of staying in an abusive relationship. 

However, she collected herself up and sought healing. Along the way, she discovered spirituality and the law of attraction that she immediately started applying in her life. Through her journey, Jamie learned to meditate and manifest different things into her life. She got a better understanding of the importance of co-creating her reality through thoughts. Using crystals, tarot cards, astrology, and books became her central reference points.

How to Awaken Your Soul

In 2019, Jamie experienced her first spiritual awakening triggered by a twin flame journey and delved deeper into her spirituality. Using Tarot, Jamie has been able to heal and find her real purpose. With the help of a spiritual advisor, Jamie has been able to navigate her mental health as she continues her weekly therapy. As a result, Jamie looks forward to helping others heal and create a fulfilled life. Through her achievements, she established Soul Paradigm, a company whose mission is to help other people awaken their souls and understand that we are all souls having a human experience that is much larger than us.

Her calculative and well-articulated approach to awakening souls brings out the perspective and ability to shift our thoughts, habits, and belief to healing the very things that keep us away from becoming the best version of ourselves.

Through her work, Jamie aims to help others attain full control of their lives and become more aligned with what the universe has ordained for them. Jamie believes that a well-planned application of spirituality coupled with therapy is a sure way to attaining complete life freedom.

Life is more than a mere chance of existence. Everything and everybody dances to the tune that the universe creates and has a deeper connection with every occurrence. Your life here on earth is a mere journey to discover yourself ultimately, and what you believe is attributed to you by the globe.

Habitual Trends to Awaken Your Soul

There are various ways through which you can stay connected and keep your soul awake. They include but not limited to;

  1. Early Morning Routines: Activities such as waking up early and allowing some sound silence to cripple before the sun rises in one way helps to permeate your soul.
  2. Meditation: Sitting still and allowing your spirit to freely run through your mind early in the morning or late at night helps relieve a lot of stress and tension. Meditating for at least 20 minutes each day cultivates inner peace and calm, helping you become authentic.
  3. Reading: learn to keep reading something new each day. Reading helps you to gain new insights each day, shifting you from a close-box kind of mentality. Reading also helps in keeping your mind open and ready to accept new findings.
  4. Exercise: Activities such as morning run, going to the gym, and simple morning stretch goes a long way to activate your daily routine. Physical exercises help raise endorphins, enhancing your general mood, which trickles down into the rest of your life in different ways.
  5. Creativity: Our uniqueness distinguishes us from the rest of the world. Being able to express ourselves and allow our inner voices to take form awakens our inner spirits. 

Jamie emphasizes that the list is endless and much can be achieved but a willing soul. She advocates you to take that initial step to unravel the magic world awaiting you from out of your comfort zones.

Featured image used by permission of Jamie Clarke

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