Key Features to Look for in Southwest Real Estate


Looking to buy real estate in the southwest United States? These are the best features to look for in southwest real estate.

Are you considering a move to Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, or the southern parts of California, Kansas, or Colorado?

The southwest has long been one of the country’s fastest-growing areas, with millions of people choosing to make a life for themselves here.

So, if you’re ready to make a move, here’s what you need to consider when searching for the best southwest real estate.

Southwest Real Estate Affordability

Overall, New Mexico boasts the cheapest housing prices, while Texas has the highest prices when you want to buy and sell real estate. Prices vary widely when it comes to individual neighborhoods, so it’s best to be specific when researching housing prices.

The best person to ask for guidance on how to buy real estate in the southwest is a local real estate agent. They’ll know about the best homes available in your area of interest and can help you find the best deal.

Cost of Living

Once you’ve got through the expense of buying real estate, you still have to live with your decision for years to come. Choosing a home in an area with an affordable cost of living ensures you’ve got more money for the fun aspects of living in the southwest.

Houston has one of the best salaries to cost of living ratios nationally, but most southwest cities fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to the cost of living scale.

Tax can play a huge role in how you spend your money too.

In Arizona, social security and some pensions don’t attract state income tax, while New Mexico does impose a tax on social security. Nevada’s the most tax-friendly state in the area. You won’t pay estate tax, inheritance tax, or income or dividends tax in this state.

Climate Considerations

All the states in this part of America have a dry, semi-arid climate with low humidity. So, if you want sunny days and clear skies most of the time, the southwest’s a good choice for you.

Of the southwest states, Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Nevada are some of the best places to buy real estate for retirees due to their mild climates. New Mexico and northern Arizona do get snow in winter and Utah can be quite cold due to its elevated location.

Nearby Amenities

If you have children in school, it makes sense to buy real estate in a family-friendly area with easy access to schools and sports facilities.

You’ll also want to take note of nearby facilities like medical services, shops, and restaurants. If you have niche hobbies and interests, it’s a good idea to research whether there are any related clubs or facilities in the area that cater to your needs.

State parks and other natural areas are a big drawcard for nature lovers, while city slickers should check out the nightlife before they move.

Moving to a remote location might mean you’ll have to make special provisions for internet signal if you rely on this aspect for work.

Make Informed Decisions

Wherever you choose to buy southwest real estate you’re sure to find much to love about this beautiful part of the USA. These states have plenty to offer, from rodeos and honky-tonk tunes to rich culture and friendly residents.

In every area of life, it’s important to make decisions based on thorough research. Check out some more of our blog articles for tips, advice, and information on lifestyle and business hacks.

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