Powerful Habits To Become A Better Version Of Yourself 


When it comes to finding purpose, many people seek to live a happy life while chasing their dreams. This desire to constantly improve, change, and grow is usually what drives them forward. Even if youre already successful, you can still work towards becoming a better version of yourself. There are tools and actionable steps you can take to help you achieve this goal. Listed below are some powerful habits to adopt.

1. Envisage Your Future

Who do you see when you think about your future self (or the better version of your current self)? If you have the answer, record what you envision in a book or your mind, and make that your first step to reaching your potential. Next, try to choose one item on your list and work consciously to achieve it. If it’s confidence, learn more about yourself and why you lack confidence.

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2. Work Towards Big Goals

To attain big goals, start with smaller, short-term ones. Striving to take two showers every day is easier than running a marathon, which takes months of intense preparation. Select your smaller, short-term goals and get started with them to help build your confidence. These goals will equip you with the disciple required to handle bigger goals. Also, starting small encourages you to build the right momentum and motivation to follow through as the goals get bigger. 

3. Ignore Social Media

Technological advancement and the introduction of social media have made it easy for us to network with people from across the globe. Just as there are good sides to these platforms, there are also negative aspects, with the major one being comparison. 

Many of us compare our lives and progress to people on social media, forgetting that these platforms showcase only the highlights of people’s lives. We all share the good things we experience and never the bad, so try not to compare yourself to others on social media. Now watch as you become a better version of yourself (and no one else). 

4. Do Something Outside Work

We can get so engrossed with work that we don’t take the time to build ourselves and our skills. Developing skills is the best way to improve yourself, and what better way to develop such skills than with a personal side project? 

When picking a side project outside of work, choose something productive that makes you happy and fuels your passion. It could be creating an album, an app, or anything you’re interested in. Start by dedicating your night and weekends to your side projects, and who knows, they might become full-time jobs you love. 

5. Don’t Count The Hours 

Enjoy every moment instead of counting the hours involved. The journey of self-improvement is lifelong, and it requires a lot of waiting for skills to develop and opportunities to come your way. Being impatient will prevent you from reaching your full potential. Consider life and self-improvement as a treadmill you’re on, and enjoy the ride. 

All in all, don’t wait for the best version of yourself to come to you. Go out and find that version of yourself. How? By making little progress every single day. Sometimes, all you need is a huge change to redirect you towards your life’s purpose, and these steps are some of the huge changes you need. 

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