A Guide to Decorating Your Wedding Venue (4 Vital Things to Remember)

Planning a wedding and choosing your ideal venue can get overwhelming since you have to select the most appropriate decorations that bring the chosen location to life. When planning the decor, you’ll first need to choose a theme before moving on to the finer details. If you’re struggling to choose decorations for your wedding venue, this guide should be of immense help. 

1. Have a Theme

As mentioned, wedding decor planning begins with selecting a wedding theme. Having a wedding theme is a great way to reduce the guesswork and simplify the planning process. Common wedding themes include rustic, romantic, bohemian, and classic. With a theme, you can also create a mood board filled with budget-friendly ideas. Your chosen theme will also determine the entire decor concept, from the colors to the design of your wedding invitation cards. You can also plan other finer details like the type of wedding car you’d like to rent. Sites like englishweddingcars.com have a good variety to choose from.

2. Stay within Your Budget

Decorating your wedding venue doesn’t have to break the bank. The best way to prevent overspending while wedding planning is by creating a wedding budget and sticking to it. Remember that many of the decor pieces you invest in will only be used on your wedding day. You can change this narrative by investing in multipurpose pieces such as tableware, vases, and lanterns, which can be used at home after your wedding day. 

3. Emphasize the Venue Features

Many event centers and wedding venues are designed to look beautiful on their own. With this in mind, your decorations will merely enhance the existing features, making them look more elegant, depending on your chosen theme. For example, if you’re going for the vintage theme, your chosen venue might already have a fireplace, huge pillars, or floor-to-ceiling windows. You might not need any additional decor to create an unforgettable wedding atmosphere.

4. Use Banquet Style Tables

Wedding guests spend the majority of their time either sitting down eating or dancing. Regardless of their choices, they need to remain comfortable at all times. This means you need to invest in the best tables and chairs. 

Gone are the days when round seat tables were the norm. Nowadays, brides are opting for banquet tables due to their extravagance and practicality. They also allow for better engagement between family and friends as they can accommodate more people. The key to making these tables look stunning is putting a little extra thought into the decorative pieces and how they’re prepared. Try as much as possible to make the space personal and unique. You can achieve this by bringing back experiences you cherish or including your initials on some wedding details like a backdrop or tissues. 

All in all, when decorating a wedding venue, try to follow the above tips as closely as you can. And remember, decorations do well to bring locations to life, which is why it’s always a great idea to put a little extra effort into the process.  

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