Modern carpets come in different materials, from synthetic blends to luxurious wool. The carpet you choose will likely depend on your budget, but there are a lot of advantages to opting for a wool carpet. Read on to learn more about why wool is a smart choice for any home.


Wool is extremely durable. Think about it, wool comes from sheep, who have evolved to withstand all weathers, no matter how extreme. A good quality wool carpet will age very well and can easily last for 20+years if looked after properly. Wool fibres are tough and can withstand heavy traffic. The pile won’t flatten as much as a synthetic and you won’t notice significant wear and tear where feet walk over the carpet every day. This means a wool carpet is a good choice for hallways, living rooms, and staircases.

Easy to Care For

Thanks to the oil content in wool fibres, wool is naturally stain and dirt resistant. As long as you vacuum it regularly and are quick to mop up spills, your wool carpet should remain in good condition for many years. Furthermore, wool fibres also have excellent colour fastness when dyed, so bright colours won’t fade as easily.

A Natural Insulator

Wool has excellent insulation properties. It is warm underfoot and ideal in noisy rooms such as living areas. Look at Balham carpets to learn more.


Wool is non-allergenic. It doesn’t emit nasty particles like synthetic nylon fibres and is very hygienic. Wool fibres trap pollen and bacteria, which is ideal if any family members have asthma or hay fever. All you need to do is vacuum the carpet regularly and allergies can easily be kept at bay. This also works well in homes with pets. Whereas pet hair and dander tend to accumulate quickly on hard floors, wool carpets trap the hair and dander, so it can be vacuumed up and removed from the environment.

Humidity Regulator

Humidity is a problem in many modern homes thanks to modern UPVC windows and doors. Moisture tends to build up in winter when windows are kept closed and it has nowhere to go. This can lead to condensation and mould issues. Wool carpet acts as a natural dehumidifier. It absorbs moisture from the air and then releases it when the air is dry. While we don’t recommend you fit a wool carpet in a bathroom or kitchen, it’s ideal for bedrooms and living areas.


Unlike nylon and polyester, wool is a natural, renewable material. It comes from sheep, which have their coats shorn every year, so unless sheep become extinct, there will always be an endless supply of wool. In addition, wool is recyclable, and if you discard your old carpet, it can easily be repurposed into other products rather than being sent to landfill, which is more than can be said for an old nylon carpet!

Unlike a cheap synthetic carpet that will need replacing after a few years, wool is a great investment. If you are ready to replace an old carpet, consider buying a smart new wool one.

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