Aquatique Show is a French company with a specialty in creating unique water shows and water special effects for the corporate theater, music events, and private events. Aquatique Show’s special know-how in water shows and water effects enables them to have total control in managing water show events from the design to the actual event.

If you are an event organizer looking for an eye-catching and memorable event, Aquatique Show boasts the Aquavision system; a water projection with unequaled quality in the market. The water screen will bring your event to a new dimension. The state of the art technology provides a surface where an image, video, or laser of extraordinary quality can be projected to make your event delightful.

The water screen is created using ultra-fine jets of gravitating water to generate a water screen onto which your video or image can be projected. With Aquatique Show’s water effect, you can have your company’s logo created with water and also any other kind of projection to suit your needs. The water curtain system is compatible with all types of events and will help to promote your event or company in a stylish and unforgettable way.

With over 35 years of experience, Aquatique Show is one of the leading water production and design companies in the world. According to their website, the company boasts of over 100,000 water shows performances each year thanks to their competence and a good reputation in the production of unique and high-quality water effects shows.

Aquatique Show has a reputation for its unmatched stock of rental equipment, reactive and experienced team of professionals, and reliable suppliers that help the company to develop an array of incredible water effects. Whether you have a public or private event, or a local, national, or even an international project, Aquatique Show aims to meet all your specific needs and wishes to give your event a memorable experience. Aquatique Show creates water shows and water effects that will delight your audience.

Aquatique Show is your go-to brand when it comes to water shows events.

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