What Does the Deputy AG’s Resignation Mean to Trump?


There is wild speculation that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein intends to resign or will be fired.  At the time of this article, that has not happened, and most recent stories indicate he’s secure in his job. However, we have decided to weigh in on some of the potential implications if he were to resign.

Rosenstein has been a constant irritant to President Trump and is the major protector of the Robert Mueller investigation.  Trump has been warned repeatedly by members of his own party that forcing Rosenstein out would have far reaching — and negative — implications on the his presidency.  However, rumors that Rosenstein was considering pushing for the invoking the 25th Amendment of Trump, has become a game changer.  It is being argued such shows a level of disrespect of the President that is not acceptable, even done in humor (as being argued).

It was this “joke” that led to the Deputy AG offering his resignation.

Many see the resignation as a potential trap.  Taking it will make is so easy for the President to go after Mueller and if that happens, many believe Trump’s presidency will quickly implode.  It will be the beginning of the end.

However, in the short term, there are some positives from this action for the White House, including:

  • Trump will get the opportunity to get a new Deputy AG and it creates the type of situation that could lead to the ouster of his Attorney General, Sessions, which has certainly been a long term desire for him.
  • There will be more conversation on a replacement and less direct talk on the Russia scandal.  Trump seems to relish distractions from the Russia scandal.

However, in the long run, this marks a dangerous step for the Trump Administration.

Fox Business is reporting that the resignation is leading to alarm by the stock market.  It is very early to speculate as to why, but it seems to lend credibility to the theory that this could mark the beginning of the end for the Trump presidency, since Trump has been a Wall Street favorite.  Is it the first of many dominoes that could fall?

Again, it is still too early to size up all the implications of this turn of events, but only a little.  The ripple effect of this decision will likely be seen very quickly.

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