Courier Services and Confidentiality: The Safe Option


Keeping your private information safe should be a priority. After all, you never know when someone could use sensitive information to negatively affect your life. That’s why it’s extremely important that your mail service respects your privacy and delivers confidential documents with care.

Unfortunately, mail services rarely can do this. They handle millions of pieces of mail each day, and the most important documents are treated the same as birthday cards, spam mail, and bills.

At Express Errands & Courier, we care about your privacy. Every employee for our Atlanta courier delivery services is trained to handle confidential and sensitive documents with care. Whether you need medical supplies delivered quickly or legal documents transported carefully, we’ve got it covered.

Medical Delivery Services

There are two facets to medical delivery services. First,  you need medications, devices, and supplies quickly. Sometimes, you simply can’t wait for important medical supplies or prescription refills.

Express Errands & Courier understands the need to have all of your medical needs met. When you can’t get out to get your supplies on time, it can take a toll on your health. Our couriers respect the time-sensitive nature of medical deliveries and work to get you what you need on time.

In addition to delivering your medical supplies, couriers can pick up prescriptions at your pharmacy. They can also deliver specimens to your doctor or hospital so that you don’t have to mail them. Plus, couriers can offer a personal customer service experience that is discreet and professional for all deliveries.

No matter what type of medical delivery you need, you can rest assured that your packages and documents will be delivered safely and carefully, with the special attention required by such items.

Legal Delivery Services

Legal paperwork often holds a wealth of sensitive, personal information. These documents often have to be delivered quickly and discreetly. Information contained within could compromise your identity, legal case, or perhaps even get you in trouble.

You don’t want private information between you and your lawyer being disclosed, made public, or lost. It’s incredibly important that legal documents arrive on time and remain confidential. At Express Errands & Courier, we’ll do just that. We handle all of your sensitive information with care, ensuring that your documents arrive on time and without being tampered with.

Your privacy is important to us, and we want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Courier Difference

But why is using a courier service any different than mailing documents, test materials, or other sensitive objects or information?

The difference is in the personal customer service, the lack of major sorting facilities, and the number of people who have access to your items while it is being delivered.

Couriers take the time to indulge in your requests. They create a personal dialogue about your circumstances and the level of privacy and care that your goods require. With a mail service, you aren’t aware of who will be handling your package. You can’t tell them to handle your fragile items with care, or that you need things delivered quickly.

With large mail facilities, your packages and documents can often get lost. Mail changes hands so many times during the receiving, sorting, and delivery process. This creates unneeded risk when it comes to your personal or time-sensitive information. In addition to this risk, there’s always the chance that your mail could be lost or misplaced, delaying it even further and creating a potential security concern.

Couriers rarely hand off deliveries to others. If they do, it’s usually to other couriers within their company that is held to the same personal standards.

In addition, some couriers can deliver documents and packages the same day as you submit the request. At Express Errands & Courier, you can track all of our deliveries via GPS on our website. You’ll always know where your information is, and you’ll know the second that it arrives where it needs to be.


Couriers can make all the difference when it comes to your privacy. Sensitive and embarrassing information, supplies, and more are handled with professionalism, speed, and ease. If you need sensitive pick up or deliveries in the Atlanta area, don’t hesitate to contact Express Errands & Courier for a free quote.

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