Fake Teen Doctor Who Is Now 25 Is Sentenced to Prison For New Scam


A fake teen doctor who turned 25 recently got caught again stealing from his patients. Malachi Love-Robinson, who previously was arrested on fraud charges in Florida, was nabbed trying to forge his way into a $35,000 Jaguar in northern Virginia. The young man reportedly used a Social Security number on his loan application, and used an elderly woman’s name as a co-signer.

Investigators didn’t realize Love-Robinson was only 18 years old at the time of his arrest. He claimed to hold a doctorate from Arizona State University, and operated a medical practice. On his website, he listed himself as “CEO” of New Birth, New Life Medical Center & Urgent Care.

The young man, who had been on bail when he was arrested, spent more than 11 hours in jail. His arrest came after he gave a physical exam to an undercover officer at a clinic.

When investigators searched Love-Robinson’s bank account, they found he had stolen money from a customer who owed the company more than $10,000. Love-Robinson later agreed to pay back the victim, but still owes nearly all of the money.

According to Love-Robinson’s story, he always wanted to be a doctor. After gaining freedom, he returned to his old ways.

But then, after he walked free in September, he was caught deep in another con. Despite his pleas of being innocent, he was sentenced to 28 months in prison for his crimes.

Love-Robinson is now set to be arraigned on February 4 on third-degree felony charges of organized scheme to defraud. Circuit Judge Howard Coates ordered $10,129 in restitution.

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