Whether you are currently working from home or your work involves a long commute, you may be wondering how to destress after a long day. While the old rules still hold true — such as reading a book or watching some television or making sure not to look at any screens just before bed as well as avoiding addictive substances such as cigarettes and alcohol — perhaps it’s worth looking at tasks you can do in advance to make your home a more stress-free environment. Read on for five proactive tips to turn your flat or house into a place of calm, not further strife.


Removing Clutter


The worst event that can befall you on returning home is walking back into a mess. This is also true if you work from home as it can put a damper on your productivity. That’s why it’s worth dedicating one day a week to properly cleaning up, making sure that errant paper is put away, clothes are taken off the floor, and the dishes are properly clean. As they say, a clean home equals a clean mind!


Figuring out a Schedule with Your Partner or Housemate


If you don’t live alone, then it’s likely that you share domestic duties with either a partner or housemate. Discuss with them well in advance a schedule for cleaning and cooking that takes advantage of both of your routines and makes the most of each other’s free time. By working well together and by communicating properly, you will find yourself much less stressed and much less likely to start an argument when you get home.

Soft and Diffuse Lights


Bright lights can have a real strain on your mental health, causing instant stress when you get home. Why not turn it into a far more relaxing environment with the use of soft and diffuse lights? Use white lights courtesy of an LED lamp to create a chilled atmosphere that clearly demarcates the boundaries between work and rest. If you work at home, make sure that your bedroom has a far different lighting-set up than your writing room or kitchen to create that boundary. Check out a great selection of lighting options at powerpointelectrics.co.uk.


Buy a Better Bed


Perhaps the reason you feel stressed all the time is that you have been sleeping in the wrong bed. Good sleep is essential, with poor sleep causing heart problems in later life. It’s probably a good idea to take a look at your bed and think about getting a new one. This is especially true if you notice yourself feeling groggy in the morning despite getting a full sleep or having permanent back pain. It’s a small change, but it could make a big difference.


Invest in Flowers and Houseplants


It’s been scientifically proven that having flowers and houseplants around can boost your mental health. Not only will they look great around your home, but they smell great, signaling to your body that it is finally time to relax. Just make sure that you don’t get the same plants that you might have in the workplace, because then you may still feel that you are still in work mode!

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