Have You Installed the Vingo App? Open a Free Account Today


For all the fitness buffs out there, we have special news for you. Vingo, the online exercise app has been opened up for a free sign-in and a free account. This offer is valid for the entire year. The app is loaded with a lot of cool features and you cannot miss this deal. Although the app is in beta mode and you can create your own account on the app anytime. But first, let’s look at some of its features and how it works.

Virtual Reality Experience

Vingo is a completely online virtual experience. It works like any other app, by using a stable internet connection. The major highlight with this app is that it takes you into a simulation and lets you become part of it. The app comes with a lot of real-life spots & locations from around the world. These locations are designed to make your exploratory senses come out, while you are on your treadmill or your bike.

All you need to get into this virtual world is to install the app on your smartphone or even your smart TV. Just place the screen in front of you and connect the app with your bike/mill and let it do the rest. Now, imagine this with a virtual reality headset! The experience is not only entertaining but also enriching.

State of The Art Connectivity

Vingo app uses ANT+ sensors to continuously monitor your movements on your equipment. Once you connect the app and select your location, you can see yourself start running or cycling on the screen. The ANT+ sensors will assess your speed, pace and movements and adjust your sceneries accordingly.

As for how you look on the screen, you can design your own avatar with fun outfits, gear and even your pets to side with you. You can upload your selfie on the app and build your character around it. There are a lot of customisation options built inside the app.

Networking Made Easy with the App

Did you know that a lot of people are getting online every day to train in the app? From celebrities to trained athletes, they all work-out at their homes and get a whiff of fresh scenery through the Vingo App. The reason for this is that the app provides you with your own private space to work-out. You don’t need to set up an entire gym at your home to get a personal work-out session anymore. The app does it for you.

Or, on the other hand, if you are a social animal who likes to meet new people every day, you can explore the app through its communities. You can find communities based on your location, work-out type, and more. Within these communities you can find people who share your goals and aims around fitness. You can also chat with the people, real-time, over voice chat and befriend them.

So, your wait for your perfect work-out buddy is over. Install the app and explore online fitness now!


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