What Is the Exam Pattern of Class 6 IMO Exam and How To Crack It?


Every exam has an exam pattern and every exam pattern is different. The IMO exam also has a different exam pattern and has all its points properly segregated as per different weightage of different sections. In order to score well in exams, students should be well aware of the exam patterns. This will enable them to study well as per the various sections and their demands. It is especially important for students giving math Olympiad because of the complexity and difference in the numerical and sums asked in different sections of the exam. The students, if told precisely about the exam pattern, would be able to crack their exams well. The entire article focuses on the pattern of the IMO Math exam and how students of class 6 crack it easily. There is an urgent need for the students to know both these things when they give such exams and since class 6 students need quick answers to their problems and doubts, this article would guide them well and would help them understand the entire strategy that they should focus on for cracking it.


The math Olympiad for class 6 students has a fixed pattern. The IMO exam of IMO for class 6 students for math has 50 questions. The 50 questions carry 60 marks in total. The exam carries four different sections. The first usual section is that of logical reasoning testing the topic of verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The number of questions asked in the first section is usually 15 and each question carries one mark, thereby the maximum number that one can score from this section is 15. The second section of class 6 IMO is that of mathematical reasoning which has topics like a fraction, decimals, whole numbers, algebra, ratio and proportion, symmetry, geometry, integers, data handling, mensuration, any other such topics. All these topics are covered under 20 questions in the second section and each carries 1 mark. Thus the entire section offers 20 marks. The next section that has a syllabus similar to and based on that of section 2 is everyday math. The section carries 10 questions 1 mark each, making 10 marks. The last section which allows the students to think out of the box is Achiever’s section which is based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). The section carries 5 questions and every question carries 3 marks and thus, the entire section carries 15 marks of the exam. This is the entire pattern of the exam which the students need to know to be able to divide time and prepare accordingly. The exam duration of IMO for class 6 students is 1 hour. The exam is based on MCQs i.e. the students are asked a question and are given multiple options to choose from, these are usually identical with a minute difference making one right answer. The numbers of options given are usually four.


The exam can be easily cracked with the help of a few vital steps. The students should practice and study from NCERT books as many questions can be asked from it. The students should go through previous class books as well i.e. of class 5 which will help form the foundations. Many sample papers, mock tests and previous year papers should be solved. Students should solve the Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 6 Maths 2014.  Very importantly, students should remain optimistic throughout. The focus should be on the end product as a student rather than the end marks that they are expected to get. Time management can really be the sword of students all the time. Let the dedication be in sync with the student. However, do focus on the physical needs of the body. Start preparing for the exam early so that by the time the exam approaches, the students are well prepared. Keep challenging others and yourself. This will be helpful to raise the standards of studies and preparation. Students can also solve the workbook that the SOF provides. The workbook is challenging, directional, explanatory, optimistic, guides and practices as a whole and can be really helpful for the students. The students should focus on how they will give the exam and what qualities they want to instil before the exam to be able to perform better in the exam. Ask for mentorship or guidance from the teacher. Students can also take help of notes to remember formulas. Students should be encouraged to apply what they learn in practical form, this will help them reach and feel the essence and importance of a certain topic. Make it a point to increase the level of difficulty of the numerical every day and keep practising for the exam until the student feels satisfied. Practice with other students giving the exam, make it fun, make it interesting and make it engaging. Learn to keep control of the stress and panic that the student may experience.

The students should follow the above-mentioned steps. The very essence of the article is to make the students and readers aware that it is essential to understand the exam pattern and after understanding it, it is further important to use that knowledge to prepare for the exam and to make a strategy to use during exams and to finish the syllabus preparation on time. The students should provide themselves with recreational sources after successfully completing a task in their to-do list every day. This will keep them motivated and will ensure the timely completion of a lot of tasks. Let the Olympiad be an exciting thing rather than being the one that makes it nervous and scary. The more enjoyable, fun, positive and happy the procedure will be, the more fruitful the results would be. Therefore, students should go, take a good seat, start marking the syllabus and collecting the material and immediately start their preparation for the IMO exam.




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