Remote and flexible working opportunities that have grown over the past eighteen months in particular are leading a growing number of individuals to seek out opportunities in the digital nomad lifestyle, those who have come before having created a huge number of guides at to help these newcomers figure out all that remote working has to offer, particularly whilst on the road. Recent tech trends have certainly offered more tools to help those looking to explore this option, and transitioning to the digital nomad lifestyle is now much easier than it had ever been before – but which tech trends can be taken advantage of to deliver the best experience?

Convenience from apps on the go – Mobile apps have been a go to trend since first emerging back in 2008 with the launch of the different app marketplaces, and they’ve been a trend that has only grown in convenience over recent years. For remote workers, this comes in all sorts of useful forms, from apps that help to book and plan future trips, monitoring your expenses during your journey, and even connecting you with other likeminded digital nomads that may be able to provide additional support or other information whilst on the road.

Satellite internet will soon become more accessible – Whilst working on the road, internet is always an important topic that comes up – relying on public Wi-Fi connections may be tough as they’ve been known to catch tourists out and have a reputation of stealing data, and with roaming charges coming back for some too it could mean costs whilst using your own data abroad go up. The big option being offered is from Starlink, and whilst the initial cost of the kit may be high, and the cost of the subscription is higher too but can certainly be a longer-term solution for some.

Remote worker needs are becoming more recognised too – Whilst not necessarily a tech trend but something covering a much wider net, it has become much more accessible for those looking to explore remote working options and particularly those looking to explore the digital nomad lifestyle too. It has meant that everything around the space is ramping up, from resources to tech options, and it has become much easier than ever before to not only discover what being a digital nomad is, but to explore the options yourself.

It certainly isn’t for everyone, and as something still relatively new for many, it has its teething issues, but there’s no better time to explore the digital nomad lifestyle and to take advantage of the tech trends that are making it easier, and making it safer and more reliable too.

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